Nearer My God to Thee

Hey momma!
this week has been well, very slow. After getting my release date its been so hard to keep my thoughts focused and keep my motivation to serve. as each day goes by I feel myself getting closer. Its so exciting but so scary at the same time. when you serve a mission, all you want is to be able to know and feel that you have given enough. I know that satan works hard on missionaries especially ones who are nearing the end. I've never felt so inadequate before. Ive had amazing success on my mission but to think that its almost over makes me question if I've given enough. will we ever know if the Lord is pleased with our service? and how will we know it? I feel stuck in my own mind, as if I'm in two places at once, or as if perth and my mission life is tugging on one arm and home and the exciting challenges that are to come are pulling the other. have you ever felt literally at war with yourself? haha I have. Being mentally strong has always been one of my strengths. But I know I need the Lord on this one! this week we had a mission conference with a general authority. O. vincent haleck came to the mission. former mission president of the samoa mission and now serving in the second quorum of the seventy. we learned so much from him and president Lindsay. one thing we talked about is how as a missionary, we open the windows for conversion but conversion doesnt happen while we are there. conversion happens when we are gone. after we leave a commitment and promise blessings, they have to act. and if they do they will change.
I also had the opportunity of getting to have a personal interview with elder haleck. he is a great man! his wife went to provo high school and they met at BYU. we talked a lot about the challenges that are to come for me when I get home, he gave great insight and counsel.
my companion and I were on our way to an appt and we ran into these to less active members from NZ. not even on our ward llist or anything! but they were so cool, invited us in, fed us & sent us home with food. then the next day we get home at night and they are waiting outside our flat with the boot of their car full of groceries! YAYUR!! I love good people. we sang that song with a set of sisters as well. we sangat the mission conference and we sang at church this sunday. the Dianella ward is like a rest home but we had just about everyone in
the congregation crying! hahah it was a good day. anyway I love you so much. I got the valentines package!! LOL MOM your valentines poem in the package was so funny! hahah i was
cracking up and made latu read it too! you da best!! hahah I'm excited about flat robbie! hahah what a cute kid I'll be sure to work on that asap. love you:) -elder guzzo

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