Book of Mormon Challenge

G'day everyone!
So it's been a great week here in Geraldton. First thing our baptismal date... ****** is back in town and doing great! She called us to come see her the day after she got back and she was kind of a mess at first. ******* battles with depression and is all over the place some times. Her partner left her with three kids and wants nothing to do with them and from the way she tells the story, he's been a pretty bad guy to  her and the kids (granted there are two sides to every story... but still) so that is really hard for her. She doesnt usually trust men anymore and her self confidence is gone! poor girl. So we start talking to her and she is clearly having a down day, she invited us over to come talk with her but we were doing all the talking.. elder eti and I were really struggling as to how to help her. Luckily we had the senior couple, Elder and Sister Argyle there with us and they did a great job talking to her in a way that helped her open up to us. ****** said she still really wants to be baptised and really believes that the church can help her! which it will! so this is good. She came to church and brought her oldest daughter with her, and now her daughter is interested so that's good too! ****** is having a house inspection this week and so we asked her if she needed any help because the house is pretty gross. So we came and cleaned and mowed her lawn and edged and made it look really good! She was so happy. So thats it with ******* for now. We have a few more things to teach her but I'm very confident that she will be baptised on the 8th of February as planned.

So the pacific area president Elder James Hamula is coming to speak to our mission in March and he has challenged the entire mission to read the book of mormon cover to cover by the 7th of March. WHAT THE?? It's gonna be crazy. Pres Lindsay is making a schedule and we're looking at a solid 15 pages a day! gonna be nutz. But as we read we highlight any reference to the gospel of Jesus Christ. so..
Faith in Jesus Christ
Revieving the gift of the holy ghost
Enduring to the end.

Finding these things shouldn't be hard at all. In fact, we might spend more time highlighting then aacctually reading but hey it should be sweet! So I'm challenging all of you who read this to get yourself a paper back copy of the book of mormon and read it by the 7th of March with the australia perth mission! I can promise it will change everything. 

So that's about it for this week. Elder Eti and I are having a great time up here and never want to go back to the city! hahaha. love you all!

elder guzzo