Elder Guzzo in Success

Hello! Seems like so much has happened since we last talked!! Sounds like you guys had a great time in Vegas! And so much is happening.. cant believe its already lake time again.. So jealous.

K so things are good over here in the Success area! First thing is our flat. Oh my gosh it's crazy. So we literally live in an office building.. like we share a flat with this Indian lawyer. Our area is secluded but his bathroom to his office is in our flat. Very strange. We’ll be in there studying in the morning and some random guy walks buy?? hahah crazy. Its a nice flat but super super small.

Elder ***** is the man. He is the most stereotypical missionary. Innocent, obedient, and happy! haha, which is soo good! It’s refreshing to be with someone who wants to be here and work hard! He's an Idaho farm boy :) Our area is massive!! And I'm right in the city so its different than what I’m used too. Traffic all day, people everywhere! merriwa was far from the city and really laid back. I feel like I'm in salt lake or even Vegas some times! But it’s a great area. I haven't heard good things about the ward and didn’t get to really meet them cause it was conference.. So I'll meet them next week I guess.

Conference was unreal. I genuinely loved every talk! Priesthood is always my favorite! President eyring talked about priesthood heroes and how we naturally copy these priesthood men we look up too. I have so many solid priesthood heroes in my life! Naturally I instantly thought of my grandpa. And elder oaks boldy and lovingly explained the priesthood in a way that shows men and women how vital it is in our lives. I also think there was a talk in the Sunday afternoon session where someone, I don’t quite remember who, talked of living close with his family and the importance of staying close with the family! Made me think of out family and how much we care about one another!!

We have done quite a bit of less active work this week, which is always great. Flying around inviting everyone we could to come watch the living prophet speak to us! Only had one lady turn up but that’s okay! It’s all about that one. We have a busy as week coming up! heaps of dinner appts:) missed that. And investigators we will be seeing! So good to be busy again.

Mom, you are going to kill me. We stayed the night at the other elders flat in our district and so I don’t have my camera.... I know I promised and I seriously feel horrible about it. I don’t have as much time as I did in geraldton cause I'm back at a library. So email back quick! I love you!