Little Miracles

ahahahah what the massive gun! is that dads gun? like does he own it? wow that looks like you guys had so much fun! yous better take me shooting when I'm back! sounds like things are normal back home, thats good. I heard austin fullmer is home! good for him. I bet jen is so happy! man I miss my friends. 

This week was awesome! we saw so many miracles this week as we worked in faith and obedience! the highlight of those miracles was Kassi. Kassi is from Tanzania and shes 19. we found Kassi tracting an apartment complex. and of course we found her on the 4th floor last door! Heavenly Father definitely has a sense of humor with us missionaries. We see miracles when and how He wants us to. It was a Thursday evening and it was so hot all day.(about 110 with humidity) It was about 7:30 and we were just about to turn in and go have dinner and call it day but we both, as we rode past this apartment complex, just stopped. I was in front and elder latu behind me. we literally stopped at the same time and just stared at the building. honestly I think about 2 minutes went by and we just stood there looking and knowing eventually we were going to have to tract it but neither of us wanted to so we just stood there. I took a deep breathe and said elder.. then elder latu cuts me off and says I know, I know let's go hahahah. so we did it. every single door went cactus but like I said fourth floor, last door this short little african girl says please come in! there was no male there so we couldnt go in her house we taught in the stairwell. we talked about Gods love for us and what we can do to show our love for him. I asked her what she thought we can do to show God we love him, instantly she said go to church! usually people say like aww pray, read scriptures, be nice to others, but not Kassi. she gets it! she says I need to go to church to show heavenly father I love him. and before we even had time to extend the commitment she committed herself to come with us this sunday! WHAT! fast forward to sunday morning we are outside waiting and she gets out of a members car in a cute little flower dress all ready to go! church yesterday was one of the funnest days I've had in a long time! the members stepped up everyone was coming up and talking to her and she was attacked by the sisters and taken away to relief society! I could tell she loved it. I think her cheeks were getting sore from all the smiling she was doing that day! anyway going back to the beginning of the story as we work in faith and obedience God is with us in the work! we are teaching the restoration with her tomorrow and inviting her to be baptised for the 4th sunday in march:) pray for Kassi. 

I love you all so much. I love that everyone is doing good and happy and enjoying life! its easy to get caught up in the bad things in our lives but if we take a step back and realize how blessed we truly are then the stress seems to fade away. I love you all and appreciate your prayers and support! have a great week.

-elder guzzo

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