Great week to be a Full-time Missionary

What a great week to be a full time missionary. This week in the jandakot district we set two additional baptismal dates! the murdoch sisters and elder poai and I. We are so excited! The district is just flowing with energy and a desire to teach and serve. Her name is *****. She comes from a part member family and her parents aren't fully active. Brother reedy, myself and my companion went to their home to have a discussion with the father of the family about being the patriarch of his home and needing to lead by example. While there his 18 year old daughter came out and joined the discussion. We had a long talk about baptism and the blessings that come with being obedient. The father, with emotion, expressed to his daughter how he has been praying for an oppurtunity to tell her she needs to be baptised. I asked her how this made her feel and then followed up with a baptismal invitation for the 12 of July! Soon, but definatly possible. Exciting things are happening over here!!
I was studying this morning in Alma when he is giving advice to his son Corianton and he's telling him not to worry about the things he's done. Not to dwell on the past but to move forward. Then he goes on talking about crossing yourself or cross yourself of your iniquity. I had a little study on that and what exactly it means to cross yourself. What I came up with is self mastery. The Lord doesn't expect us to be without sin and mistakes but he does expect us to learn to overcome them. Easier said than done right? But its true. The mistakes we make can ultimatly become our greatest blessing. This family the ***** are great people but they have let laziness and pride distance themselvs from the Lord! I think last night the spirit told the father that what's done is done. He hasn't always been the best example to his family and hasn't been a preisthood leader. BUT he's ready to change and get things in order. THAT'S WHAT IT'S ABOUT! We didn't teach that lesson last night, the father did. We just invited the spirit with good questions. That's what the power of a priesthood holder in the home can do. Change hearts.
my ankle is getting better slowly but surely. sister davis came but and brought us food! but yeah still a little tender in the mornings but the swelling is going down. my range of motion is coming back as well. trying to still be careful with it but its feeling a lot better. I never got in to see the doctor. this hospital is a complete joke everytime I call to schedule it(exact time they tell me to call the previous time) they give me a new story about how I need to call a different day. WA truly does stand for wait awhile! all good I'm over it. Its healing.
sounds like some exciting things are happening. I'll for sure have to send brandon an email to congratulate him. I wish I understood back then how big of a deal becoming an Elder is. I just didnt get it.
aww tennis with gram very fun! tell her i love her. haha yeah soccer is pretty lame but the world cup is a big deal! go USA. 
Overall it's been a really great week! I love you mom.

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