Remember I'm Happy

Sounds like quite the week back home! My cute baby sister is 15.. wow! I hope she had a great day. AND brandon!! wow I cannot begin to express how excited I am for him. There is nothing greater than being a full time missionary! he will see. Is he speaking spanish?
Ty the delinquent priest lol! goood for him such a big step. looks like you all enjoyed the simis pool for the last time? :( crazy
Well this week was good! to start off my district meeting went really well. i LOVE my district! the sisters are so gun and make things happen and the elders are solid! we had group p90x exercise last night which was awesome! a district that works out together, saves souls together! hahha also our district had the best numbers in the zone last week so thats always good when we are performing. you always say I'm only as happy as my saddest child, well I'm applying that to my district. In the sense that our district is only doing as well as the most struggling companionship. so when they arent doing good we all get together and work in their area to help them out! pretty good stuff!

Best- probably just how busy we were in general this week. it was stressful at times but way better than being bored. and the fact that we are doing so well is great!
Worst- so we set up to do a FHE with a part member family. the father is a less active member and his wife and three kids are not members so we had scheduled to do a fhe with them and they cancled an hour prior to the lesson. some times people just dont understand how much time and effort we put in to lessons. I'd rather them straight up tell us they arent interested than tell us to come and than cancel last minute.
Silliest-this didnt happen to us but the sisters in my district sisters hancock and tukuafu. so sis tukuafu is new and she was stressin about her appointment and remembering this ladys name so before the lesson she said it over and over again so she wouldnt forget. the ladys name is ashlee. so they get to the appointment and sister tukuafu shakes her hand and says "hi, I'm ashlee" hahaha the lady looks at her and is all you are ashlee too?? haha how funny is that?
another funny thing, also sad. I was working out with those exercise bands that have the handles and all that and so the band was hooked behind the door. so I was doing an exercise and the band stopper (like a baseball size ball that goes behind the door so you can pull it) anyway the door gets pulled open and the ball comes flying at me and just hits me square in the chest and takes me out. it hurt so bad but also was so funny i didnt know whether to laugh or cry ahahahaha! so yeah funny week.
so yeah thats that! but I love you so much mom. I hope you have a great week. and remember I'm so happy!
-elder guzzo

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