Not much to say today… Just can't wait to Skype!!

What up dad? yeah! That would be cool if you got them a leg of lamb, either way I think they will be pretty stoked! have you sent it yet? It would be easier if you just ordered it cause its a struggle to get rides places and chucking a 5 kg leg of lamb on my back and riding my bike home doesn't sound that fun! haha. you know me! not gonna let people see me with lamb on my back, especially riding a bike! Ha! It's felt different here because the christmas traditions are totally backward since its so hot! It's so weird that Christmas is in two days…  it feels like its the middle of July right now! the work is good.. it's been slower during christmas time. no one is home or no one has time for us, but it's all goods!

Mama, Will you check my account and see if I have any money? I don't know where my money goes. I've spent a lot of money on public transportation going to meetings since being DL. I'm sorry that I've needed extra, I'll be smarter with my money. There is this microniesan girl in my district that has absolutely no money from home.. and living off of what the church gives us is really hard. Anyway, her family cant afford to send her stuff for christmas so I went a little crazy on her.. like I bought her a couple cute skirts from kmart and then a few shirts and some candy!! I can't wait to give it to her, she's such a sweetheart. 

Blake sent me the best email ever! hug him for me please and tell uncle rick I miss him! Ty sent me a pic of all the boys at wingshak and it about killed me. haha! I miss everyone so much!! So let's talk Skype. I'll call you on your Christmas Eve, it will be christmas morning for me which will be sweet to talk! Then we can set up Skype on your Christmas Day, Boxing Day here. I'm sending a few random photos...

(The Elder on the left is the son of a friend of a friend. I just heard about him serving in Perth this week, so it was funny when I noticed that this was him. I told Jake about the connection and here's his reply)

hahah Elder Rigby is the man! he is elder turners intake! I wish I would have trained him lol. he's a cool kid! well I have ten minutes left.. anything else before we talk in two days??!! ahhh. And what is going on with gay marriage in Utah??

I love yous so much! Can't wait to talk to you all in 2 days!!!! BYYEEE -elder guzzo

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