Gone Country

hey mom! 

So some crazy things have been happening over here. Turner went home on Friday, so I've been in a three way with Elder Shinn and his companion. But I got a call from President Lindsay this morning and he told me that I'm going to my new area tomorrow... and the crazy part is I'm goin country. Remember how I explained country on the phone? Just me, my comp and no one else for miles… I'm excited but at the same time not. Ha! I've been here for so long and I have a day to say goodbye to everyone and pack. I'm pretty stressed!  ahh I don't know what to think, like literally I will be away from everyone! all the missionaries say that when you go country and then come back its never the same. hahaha! It should be cool but just not what I was expecting right now ya know? I think there's only one branch in the area, not even a ward, so we'll be busy. I just hope I get a cool companion! The library is closed today, so we're emailing at a members and I don't have a ton of time. Are you online?

I have to go mom. I love you have a good week!

** I just received this message from a member of Elder Guzzo's ward. This family, and many others, have taken such good care of my boy! I'm so grateful for the awesome members in Australia!!

hey sister Guzzo and family just want to say that Elder Guzzo had be transferred to the country and were so sad feels like there's a part of my heart that is missing and it has been such an amazing pleasure having him in my house and serving in our ward, next holiday destination is Provo in the new year for sure so great how I have family living there and NOW extended family (The Guzzo Family) that I can visit/stay at while over in your guys area haha so we shall keep in touch!!! Such an amazing son/Elder you guys have!!! What an amazing blessing!!! sad to see him go

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