Happy Birthday Elder Guzzo

so no, my other b day packages are not here yet.. I'm pretty bummed. can you track them? I hope they aren't lost in the mail. That would be really awesome if you sent hiri something! honestly I don't know what he would want.. if you want to wait until next week I can find out or if you want to get creative you can too! haha
I cannot believe I turn 20 years old tomorrow. thats a trip! I was just emailing michael and wishing him a happy 17th b day and I realized I was just 17.. like it was not that long ago! but I'm excited. desiree and hiri are gonna throw me a bbq tomorrow night and the hemi family (rachaels mom) has been so nice to me and are feeding us lunch tomorrow! 
oh hey I'm a district leader again.. long story there were some mix ups in the areas and they needed another DL so I'm back hahah but I have to give district training on my b day.. oh well it will be a party!
I don't think elder turner and I are doing a Christmas card.. maybe. we're too broke for that business lol. We're doing good, he's a cool kid. **** baptism was awesome and I gave him the holy ghost that next day and the bishop gave him the aaronic priesthood! that was really cool. This 50 year old man now holds the priesthood because I came here.. that's something to think about. So it was all around an amazing experience! I had a good chat with pres lindsay this week and he had a lot of really great advice. Even though he makes up some crazy rules, he is the man and he holds the keys for the missionaries in WA and he knows what's best for us.
I cannot believe I'm saying this but I miss the cold.. it is so freaking hot here. I can't handle being in pants and a tie in like 100 degrees and its only getting hotter! but a lot of people feel bad for us working in the heat so they invite us in and give us water and sometimes will listen to our message... sometimes! I bought myself a little b day present from the money gma & gpa sent me haha just a nice pair of shorts for p day! the style out here is so me. there is a store called roger david that I am in love with. its expensive but it is just so my store!! 
But yah it's good to have something to look forward too:) ah and I'm still not over that poster you made me! I got a little of your creative gene because I was riding my bike and saw this floral couch and so I took the fabric off and made a tie out of it and it is soo cooL! so I sent it to elder pula and he wore it at transfers and long story short my ties are the talk of the misson! haha I made one of the APs a tie and so many other elders want one! haha I'll send you a pic of them next week haha! but yeah thank you for everything you have done to make my b day a special day! I cant wait to see you and talk to you on Christmas! so I'm going to probably call on Christmas here and then skype the day after so Christmas day for you guys! I can't wait. I love you so much!

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