Another Good Week

Hello everyone!

So it's been a pretty good week over here! nothing new and exciting to report on but it was a good week. Here's the good news!! I got the birthday poster! hahah I didn't wait till my b day I just couldn't.. BUT I seriously loved it so much! I can't even express how happy I was when I opened it like wow.. I hung it up in my room and every missionary that sees it freaks out! SUCH A COOL IDEA. you are awesome mom! if that was my only b day present, I would be okay with that. besides my homies serving and andrew that poster had everyone I care about on it. Those were all my people and it was just so fun to see it. so thank you! oh ya I was thinking about uncle curtis! will you get their home address for me? I wanna send them a letter. 
**** is still on date for this saturday. President Lindsay is the man. He's intense though, he has been coming out with new rules that are tough... But President Lindsay is for sure awesome. He is taking our entire zone to lunch today because we met our goal for baptisms last month!
3 packages?? wow I'm getting spoiled. hahah I cant wait to get the other ones. oh my gosh if I got to skype andrew that would make my life! I'm not exactly sure when we are skyping.. it might be the day after for us and then Christmas day for yous. but we will figure that out. I will call yous before to set it out! so if a random number calls your phone you better pic up hahah.
but yeah I'm doing good! It's been a much better week. Transfers are today and it was not a good one.. I'm staying in the same area, which I knew I would be, but all my homies in my district left so I'm so bummed about that. They closed down an area that was close to me and before there were two districts and since one area closed down they just made the two into one district and so I'm not district leader anymore.. which is good and bad. I'll be able to focus on elder turner and the work more.. but I don't know, oh well.

mom honestly good work with that poster I about died and I did use the tape hahah! but mom dont go too crazy for christmas! you are already going all out for my b day and I just want to talk and skype for christmas! thats all I need at this point.
that's it for me. I love you and I'm so grateful for your love and support.
-elder guzzo

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