Bringing Others Unto Christ

Hey everyone!!
Such an amazing week to be a missionary in Western Australia!
First off the baptism was amazing! I can't even describe the feeling but that was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. It kind of reminded me of when I recieved my endowment and I walked into the celestial room and was just overwhelmed with the spirit, it felt like that. Right after the baptisms Elder Pula and I and the sisters sang To Bring the World His Truth, and everyone was bawling hahaha it was cool! President and Sister Lindsay were there too which made it even better.
So here is the big news, after the baptism I was getting changed and president came around and pulled me aside and told me that next transfer(this wednesday) I will be training a new missionary and I will be district leader!!!!! I was so shocked but I'm so excited! It's a big responsibility especially because I'm only just done being trained but I cant wait! I'm just stoked the president trusts me, he is a very intimidating man haha. Whenever he speaks his voice just DEMANDS your attention, he's THE man! I will pick the new missionary up on wednesday or thursday not sure yet! woooo!
And I've got some good pics of the baptism and when **** and her husband took us into the city for dinner last thursday! Well, I can't wait to tell you about my new companion and all that next week! I love you so so much! -elder guzzo

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