Conference Was Amazing!!!

hey momma!

so much to talk about. I'm glad gramps is good, I thought and prayed about him a lot and found peace in knowing that this is why we have the plan of salvation. even though he isn't going anywhere yet! I gained a stronger testimony about the plan of salvation.
but conference! oh my goodness! so good. I think that was the first time in my life I have sat and payed attention through all five sessions of conference but I learned so much. I really gained a new appreciation for the fact that we have a living breathing prophet on the earth! I mean how cool is that? I learned so much from this conference. I absolutely LOVED when I heard doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. yeah. So much power in that sentence. umm so the baptism is this week... L**** asked me if I would be the one to baptize her, so I'm soooooo excited! 

(I asked him what he wants for his birthday) I know 20 seems so old! I have been thinking about my birthday and really whatever you want to send me is great! I would like a black tie, and maybe a few other ties too hahah but for sure a black one. and then maybe another pair of those gap khakies? but in black if they have them. I just love the way they fit and they are so comfortable. but other than that send me whatever you want!!
It's been a good week here! our ward is so behind missionary work and we had the meanest fhe at one of our members houses last week. We had L**** and her husband there and a few more investigators! L**** and M**** and the best. they are taking elder pula and I into the city on thursday and taking us to a mexican resturant! I miss mexican food hahahah! 

hey so talk to me about what is going on with our government! I heard that it might be a problem with us getting mail? (He hasn't gotten any mail in a few weeks)

I'm so excited for christmas so I can see everyone! pray that I will be in a good area with members that will let me skype! haha

well I've only got a few minutes left but I love you! thanks for the support. I miss you and the family but I love what I'm doing! Things are great down here!! this work is amazing. talk to you next week!  love you all!

-elder guzzo

In part of his letter to his dad...
yo bro!

I missed being with all you guys for priesthood session. how about President Monsons talk in priesthood? you and I got rebuked for our home teaching efforts! haha
but good, I was just gonna follow up with that this week. sharing the gospel is hard sometimes but I promise that if you just go for it you will not regret it! cant wait to hear how it goes. I'll be praying for you.
love you man. thanks for everything!

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