A Man of Few Words


I cant believe you got my present already! that was fast. but I'm glad I got there safely I was worried about it! hahaha I knew you were going to love it! and your making a book? that's cool! I guess I need to send more letters home!

keith clearwater is the man. and so is nick! we have been emailing back and forth pretty much every week since I left and he is such a good missionary I can just tell. This next transfer is his last one! he said he is already enrolled in school and all that.. ahhh. not going to lie I'm pretty jealous. I feel like I'm never coming home. this week has been hard, my companion is young and ah yeah that's all I'll say about that. pray for us. hahah!
Since I'm the district leader, any time anyone in my district has a baptism I do the interview! The sisters in my district have one this weekend so I interviewed this lady and it was so fun. After the interview she asked if I would baptise and confirm her.. ahhh. the baptising is easy but I'm nervous for the confirmation. ***** baptism is the next week and I'll be confirming him too! scary. They do the confirmations in sacrament meeting.. I don't think we do that back home.
ah you saw Jeremiah.. I'm so jealous! I have not gotten any of my packages yet.. i hope they don't come until closer to my b day because i don't know how long I'll be able to wait. hahah but I'm so excited! I have a few members that have offered their house to skype i don't know who yet but the good this is I'll be able to call home and tell you when I'm skyping and all that good stuff! I cant wait. this has been the longest four months ever. I miss you guys so much! but I'm doing good.
thanks for everything! i love you -elder guzzo

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