Greenie to Greenie

hi momma!

Elder turner is all good! reminds me of myself as a greenie haha so like last month.. haha! he is from fort worth texas! he's cool. so christmas.. I mean like it seems like you are going all out for my birthday so christmas doesn't need to be anything big! I just cant wait to see you guys. be ready to skype! hahah. You can send me whatever you want! maybe you could send me another thing of spice bomb? that would be sweet and missionaries always need more ties hahah! but serious mom don't go too crazy. I love you!

But yeah having a good week here! **** husband **** just became a new investigator! woohoo! I want to baptise him so bad and then in a year go through the temple with them! how cool would that be? Hey so my first district meeting is tomorrow and I have to give training on the plan of salvation.. do you know any fun activities I can do to help me teach that? I need your creativity! 

I'm serving around some super cool dudes. Elder Liutai and I are becoming close homies.. He's from sydney and is a rugby player but I'm trying to convince him to come to Provo and play football hahaha he is the big guy in the picture. We have been doing a lot of service for people which is good, its a really effective finding tool. OH go on youtube and watch merriwa and mindarie trunk or treat! you should see me. the bishop made this video on halloween haha. thanks for your help! I love you mom. remember that every night I pray that wherever you are and whatever you are doing I specifically pray for you to feel my love for you right then and there. so I hope you do. I love you so much momma! I'll talk to you next week :) 

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