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Hello everyone!

So it's great day to be a missionary in Western Australia as President Lindsay always says! but it has been a great week! We had our second lesson with **** (husband of ****, Jakes first baptism) and it was amazing. One of the first experiences where I could feel the spirit speaking through me. I don't remember exactly the things that were said but everything that came out of mine and Elders Turners mouth was from the holy ghost and was exactly what **** needed to hear. As I told you about last time he DIDNT believe in God. We taught faith and prayer, and as we bore testimony the spirit manifested the truthfulness of the things we were saying. After the lesson he told **** that he 100% felt a presense in the room, one that he couldn't describe. As the lesson progressed I could tell that he felt it and the timing was right, so I asked him if he will prepare himself to be baptised on the 30th of november! He committed! what a great day that will be.
last night elder turner and I went on splits with the assistants! this was awesome. elder jordan is who I went with and he served in merriwa almost a year ago. so we met with the sweetest woman, she isn't a member but has so much faith. she is more spiritual than a lot of members I know.. but she just doesnt think that she needs to do anything more. she feels that she already knows God and her Savior enough. so elder jordan knew her from when he was here and I know her really well.. we call her mom hahah because she loves us missonaries so much. but we had a lesson with her and it was unreal. she knew whaat we were up too right from the start and said that she is good with where she is at and doesn't see herself changing.. but elder jordan has so much faith, to be honest I didn't think there was more we could have done right then but he pressed forward and started to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus Christ. repentence, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. The gospel of Jesus Christ can solve any concern there is. The gospel of Jesus Christ is life, it is what we are here to live. As we shared this with her, love and the holy ghost filled the room, there was no denying it. Everyone was in tears as we challenged her to put her worries aside and follow the Savior. She wasn't set on date for baptism, but when I write next week I'm pretty confident that we will have a date for her. Another cool story about this lady is that she loves the church and has so much faith in the priesthood. She got really sick last month and she had a cat scan that showed a little shadow or a dot in her lungs that the doctors thought could possibly be cancer. she asked john if he would call specifically elder pula and I to come give her a blessing. I've never been more grateful for my priesthood that on that day. I believe that priesthood blessing are predicated on the faith of the person recieving the blessing, and this lady has so much of it. A few weeks after the blessing she had anther cat scan... the spot was gone. When she told me that I about lost it. I can't really talk more about it because it was so intense but yeah.
So its been great week! I had some amazing moments this week that helped me realize why I'm here. why I'm in western australia, and specifically why I'm in merriwa. we need these moments to fuel us through the rough patches. but I love what im doing! time is honestly going quick.. it seems like I just left. I have a long way to go but I have so much to look forward too. I sent your b day present so I hope it gets there on time. There is my sd card which had a video on there so I hope you enjoy that! I absolutely loved hearing about the missionary experience you had today! sister missonaries really do carry a sweet spirit, much different than elders. The sisters who you taught you guys are way too cute! I'm glad they were able to teach the first lesson! the restoration is my favorite thing to teach! 

Yeah and my district is on fire! we have some of the best numbers in the mission right now hah! Elder turner and I had to speak in sacrament meeting again... joys of being missionary. haha but my time is running out! I hope yous have a great week! I love you all. I love this gospel. thanks for all your support and prayers! cant wait till next week. love you! -elder guzzo

Doing some Service with Elder Liutai

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