I love to see the Temple!


So I hope you didnt call the mission or the police looking for your son because he didnt write home hahahah! our pday got changed to wednesday this week so that we can go to the temple! WOO!

SO much has happened this week. First thing, right after i wrote home last week we went had an appointment with the cutest lady ever named ***. this was our second lesson with her and at the end we commited her to be baptized October 19th and she said yes!!! AHHH! I am excited as. She was so prepared by the lord for us to find her and teach her, I knew she was gooing to be baptized the first time I met her!
umm next thing our zone broke the mission record for most investigators found in a month and because of that we get to go to the temple on wednesday!! I'm so freaking excited. I cant wait to see the new film! Okay next thing im getting fat. hahahah Trust the first time I can ever gain weight is on my mission. but yeah we just get fed so much! 

okay mom because we are going to the temple tomorrow and wont have the normal amount of time to email we got an hour today and an hour tomorrow. so expect to hear from me same time as usual, actually maybe a little bit earlier but same time as on sunday nights but on tuesday! I'm so excited for the temple, I have learned so much more doctrine behind adam and eve and everything so I cant wait to go back. I hope my temple pants fit though hahah. k gotta run I hope you all had a great week! love you!

Next day: He emailed and said I'm online! So I asked him if he'd been to the temple yet?

nope right after we are done emailing. I loved your last email and am so excited for the temple ahh! brother ferris is the man with deep doctrine and we were having a study with him the other night and he let us in on some cool insights. another thing to think about is when Christ was baptized and the holy ghost fell upon him in the sign of a dove? whats the deal with doves? Do some study on doves in respect to the priesthood and and the holy ghost get back to me next week:) this gospel is amazing! I love you so so much!!
Yo dad- yeah man the work is good. I set my fisrt baptismal date last week man and I'm so excited about it. she is the sweetest lady from england and has just truly been prepared by the lord. last sunday the sister missionaries investigator came to church and she came up to me and she asked me to give her a priesthood blessing to help her with some things she was struggling with. uhhhhh I was freaking out.  but its so cool how once you declare that you are acting by the authority of the melchizedek priesthood, the spirit takes over. Being out here has really opened my eyes to how amazing the priesthood is and that it isnt our priesthood it's the Lords.but yeah man had a really good week and after I'm done emailing you guys I'm off the the city to go to the temple! I'm so excited. love you man.

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