Even when it's bad, he's good!

Our correspondence this week was full of short emails. Hearing about his grandpa's heart attack kind of threw him for a loop. I've pieced his emails together below:

mom online! whats up I loved your email until you told me about grandpa.. I'm freaking out. I cant even wrap my head around the fact he had a heart attack.

yeah I guess so.. ah.
well thanks for taking racheal the package I'm sure she will appreciate that. what else? ah I'm sorry I just can't think about anything else.. the weird thing is like this past week was good but it felt off. I couldnt figure out what my deal was but I just was more home sick than usual and the weirdest thing too is I sat and stared at the picture of me, drew and grandpa for like 20 minutes the other day and obviously I didnt know why then but I do now. me and drew write every week! its quick, I wish we could talk more but ya know it is what it is. I just ahh I'm scared to death right now. 

next time you see jan or carson try and get me his email! I wanna talk to him. Love that dude! but yeah what else? ah the temple. so amazing! (I don't think it's appropriate to post all he said about the temple, but he loved it. I was happy to see how much he's learning but I will leave it at this) It was just so emotional! The Perth temple is cool. Small but very nice! I loved all your doctrine insights but the whole grandpa thing threw me off. but thanks! imma send through some pictures! how is the fam?

so the baptism is the 19th and transfers are the 21st I think, so I could possibly leave right after. But most likey pula will go and I'll stay and take lead because I'm done being trained and I know the area ya know? anything can happen though. I'm good I promise. At least now i know why I had a weird week. I just dont know what I would do if we lost gramps. just typing that out makes me cry. I love him so much. but yeah I'm good and glad he is okay. tell Tracy and Jan I love them if you see them. The whole Rawle family! how are you? was conference good? I'm so excited. haha for the first time I'm really going to appreciate conference!! (They will be watching conference next weekend in Australia)

hahaha me and elder shin. FRESH out of Korea. He's a great missionary. he actually comes from an mma background so me and him were rolling around the other night and it was so much fun! I forget how much i love to compete and all that good stuff but yeah tell dad about that! he was so suprised when we starting going at it that I knew what i was doing haha thanks dad. but yeah he's the man.

I'm about to get kicked off the comp but i love you so much. I miss all of you dearly. but I love being a missionary, even when days suck the Lord blesses me with a good day and it all becomes worth it again. I'm so gald to be here! I love you so much momma!
-elder guzzo

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