Elder Guzzo does a mean as Haka


hey momma! so another great week in the Australia Perth Mission. we found 4 more investigators and 3 investigators were at church yesterday! ahh it was so amazing to see them show up! and two of them are the girls I told you about and they walked like a mile and a half just to come to church! so cool! big things are happening this week I can feel it! the culture night was so good!! we had about 500 total people show up and half were non members, so it was so good to have them there! okay our haka was soo mean if you get on you tube and search merriwa and mindarie culture night it should pop up and if there are a bunch look for the new zealand group! I have our haka on my camera but I dont think I can send it over email but I'll try.. but yeah over all the culture night was a HUGE success! 

(Elder Guzzo does the haka at about the 10 minute mark. He's on the far left hand side of the screen. You can see his missionary name tag at the top of his shirt and the white strings of his sweatpants if you need help finding him)

I'm so happy for carson. hearing that he is leaving this week strengthens my testimony so much! about half my ward is from aukland and from the way they make it sound he is going to LOVE it there and the people! good on him. there is no place guys our age should be than on a mission.

I heard byu lost to utah...that sucks! there is a guy in the ward who really likes gridiron so he keeps me updated! oh gridiron is what they call american football because football out here is rugby.
okay so a girl in my ward is on her way to provo as we speak she is going to argentina buenos ares north mission!! haha but her name is ... and she will be there for 6 weeks so will you send her a package? hahah just like candy and drinks and typical stuff but the MTC is rough and she is far from home and I think that a few packages would really be nice! like some sweet tooth fairy cookies or whatever but yeah will you do that for me? thanks.

Dad- yo yeah I know I heard we lost what is going on?? how is the qb? this guy in my ward follows american football and keeps me posted. we had a super good week found 4 more investigators and had 3 of them were at church so yeah a solid week. the culture night was awesome as well! so a big thing i have learned is that missionary work needs the members! the members are so crucial to helping people convert. I know back home everyone is pretty much lds but I know you know a lot of non-members through the gym and work! have you shared the gospel with them? I know it's hard and might not always be appropriate to share your beliefs but if you get the chance take it. In your prayers ask for opportunities to share the gospel, and when they show up don't hold back! I promise you sharing the gospel is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. so I invite you do that! this week think of people you know that you could share the gospel with and think of ways to make it happen! willl you do that? I know if you do, you will see a positive change in your testimony! I love you dad. thanks for everything!

ah grandma and grandpa. tell them I love them and miss them soo much! I feel like is was last week I was living in their basement. life happens so fast! I'm almost done being trained. holy cow! haha so somone was telling us that it has been the rainest september in western australia since 1971! I love being on my bike for that! haha! it's all good- when we work through things like that the lord blesses us. It's been the rainest the past two weeks but we have found 9 new investigators so it all works!

but yeah that's me for this week. I'll shoot some pics through as well. I haven't gotten any hand written mail lately so hopefully this week? I don't know? I love this gospel and I love all of you!! -elder guzzo

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