Singing at Firesides :)


[ I asked him a few specific questions in my email and he went straight to answering them! Finally :)]

Okay so the teaching is going good, not great but good. we are teaching this phillipeno family the couple is Neil and Ging they are so close to being baptized its crazy! they told us in our last lesson that they believe the book of mormon is true but they come from a strong catholic family and they are having a hard time commiting because of them! we will get them soon though. we also do a lot of work with less active members! we do a lot of finding as well! This mission isnt a baptizing mission its a finding mission for sure! we spend most of our day looking for people and its hard no one wants to change and everyone is jus so content with their lives its frustrating.
Elder pula and i sang in this stake fireside last night hahah it was awesome! yesterday was such a good day! we were fasting for new investigators and were having no luck. with like 20 minutes left in our fast we knock on this door and this guy let us in right away! it was so awesome. we taught him a lesson and he said the closing prayer which qualifies him as a new investigator! it was perfect. he was definitely prepared by the Lord to hear our message, the spirit was so strong during that lesson. Elder pula and i were so close to committing him to baptism right then and there because it was just going so well. but we held off and set another appointment for next weeek and we will most likely ask him to be baptized then!
I am having a lot of fun. Not going to lie, this week was hard. its been raining a ton and we were riding out bikes and tracting in the rain and i got a little sick. im fine, but yeah it was tough.
i miss you guys and i think aboout all of you all the time! i cant belive how fast its going. some days it feels like i have been gone forever but then somedays it feels like its going so fast! but i love what i am doing and there is no place I would rather be!

I made chicken wings this week! hahah i was able to find franks red hot after three different grocery store trips haha! my district loved them!
How are you momma? some nights I'll just sit and flip through that photo album and think about you. brett told me i wouldnt appreciate everything your mom does for you until your mission. and he was right! I seriously miss you a lot! I love you so much!
tell the fam i say hi and love them!
God be with you till we meet again.

-Elder Guzzo


  1. Elder Guzzo sang at a fireside? Way to go!

  2. Yay for Frank's Red Hot, that will make Elder Guzzo feel at home!
    Lovin' the blog, keep up the good work.