Rainy Days ☔

so this past week has been very up and down for me, the rain out here is unbeliebable. one minute it can be sunny and the next its like a freaking tropical rainstorm. It can get super cold as well so when we are out riding our bikes in the rain its really not that fun at all. hahah mom im glad we decided to go get that rain coat the day before i left. that idea was most definitley inspired. k so we are commiting neil and ging that phillipeno couple to baptism today. i am so excited! i hope they say yes with all my heart. we found 2 new investigators this week as well, this 17 year old girl from sudan. she is so sweet and so accepting to our message. So the work is going pretty good! hopefully next week I'll be able to have a baptism scheduled but we will see!
This week was no doubt the hardest week so far. riding our bikes and getting dumped on is one of the most discouraging things ever, especially wherever we are riding to most of the time no one answers or they just blow us off. Had my first experience of a little persecution this week. hahah this car full of punk my age kids cruse by calling us every name in the book.. it was very hard for me to keep my cool but elder pula just laughed and smiled at them. i was blown away how he was just so chill, so i learned a lot from him right then.
Mom- i miss you a lot. this has been the most homesick week of my life. Im so sorry for being such a butthead over the years and i would do anyrthing for one of your hugs right about now. i love you!
So yeah im gonna send some pics through as well i made chicken wings! ahahah my district LOVED them hahaha and i took osme pics of our little flat and my bed and our study area and just fun stuff like that! I love you guys! this gospel is the truest thing on the earth. I know it with all my heart.
-Elder Guzzo

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