Remember, I'm still me...

Getting info out of this kid has always been a challenge. This week we only received a few very short, but sweet emails. A line in Mackenzie's email said it all...."remember I'm still me."
Chica???? no way that is crazy, not gonna lie I got a little emotional when I read that! Dude I miss you too. The work is hard but rewarding. When things are hard kenz fall to your knees and find strength through your Father in Heaven and your Savior Jesus Christ. Mackenzie I promise you it will work. If I have learned anything since I have been gone it's that through them you can be strengthened, no doubt. I miss you, I wish I had more time but I haven't  even written mom yet... Hahahaha remember I'm still me, but I Love being a missionary!
 love you!!
-Elder Guzzo

MOM hi. okay so I don't have very much time but this has been a much better week, no doubt. ha this sunday me and elder pula had to give a talk in sacrament meeting last minute. haha got to love being a missionary! ahhhh that picture of Zoi and Mackenzie about killed me. Is that my baby sister cheering at a high school game? I'm going to die. I haven't been gone that long but they already look so different and Zoi looks so old! Tell Ty and Zoi I love them and miss them and will write them both handwritten letters soon! ah mom I know this week's letter was totally weak I'm sorry!! next week will be much better I promise. I just want you to know I'm learning so much out here, about the gospel and about myself! I love being a missionary! I miss you and everyone but I love it!!
         -Elder Guzzo
sup dad? k so we invited neal and ging to baptism (I was the one who asked them) No lie, asking someone to take that huge step and be baptized is the most amazing experience ever. When you ask someone to do that, the spirit is so strong. After that lesson I knew I was supposed to be here! so cool. But NICE, I'm stoked to hear if you pass your test, the mma scene is surprisingly big out here so its nice to be able to have that connection with people! Doing much better this week. When things get hard, I have learned to go to my knees and find strength through my Savior Jesus Christ. love you man!
         -Elder Guzzo

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