A great week to be a Missionary!

oie family!!
It has been a GREAT week to be a missionary in Western Australia! this week truly has been great. we found a new investigator, taught a few SOLID as lessons and have been working very hard! hard work is essential for being happy, especially as a missionary. YES I got the friend letter and it made my life! oh my gosh it was so awesome, thank you for sending me tHAT! so good to see what the homies are up to and it was honestly the highlight of my week! I wont get to go to the temple til christmas which is a bummer but I heard they made a new film?? how is it? I can't wait to go. so the... family is too legit! we met with them and had the most spiritual lesson ever! and then they came to a ward activity and they met a bunch of ward members and absolutely love it! they are close to baptism, no doubt. the... family said they are giving us an answer this upcoming week so thats exciting! and Aluel!! she is the girl from sudan, we met with her last night and elder pula and I taught the meanest as restoration lesson EVER. there is something about Joseph Smiths first vision, the words carry so much power. when I recite it to investigators I can barely say it without getting emotional. I KNOW JOSEPH SMITH saw God the father and Jesus Christ. I know it! and and at the end of our lesson aluel said the most heart felt prayer, so amazing! we meet her because as we were walking home she was taking her trash out and we walked right by and contacted her.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? the lord is with us in the work. I absolutely love being a missionary! I love where I am and the people I have met so far! Mom thanks for spell checking my letters, I spell baptize wrong a lot. I'm typing really fast give me a break hahah SHAME! all good. 

okay and BYU... so awesome! I heard the hill kid ran for like 250 yards or something! but yeah I'll send some pics right now hang tight.

this is me emailing right now! haha sorry about the dude in the back! A member hooked us up with hair cuts, she did a good job! ah okay im about to tell you something that you might not believe.... I'm 100% gaining weight... haha from all the biking and the polys inviting us over for a feed, I'm getting bigger. yeah hard out gaining weight but like a good weight! of course I can finally gain when I'm on a mission and don't need too... boo!

My district and then us doing service. The sisters in the pic are straight from samoa, to the max! hahaha they are soo funny.

I love you all so much and hope you had a great week! -elder guzzo 

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