Who is this kid?


Hi Momma!

How are you? Tis weekend went very well. The days are lonnngg, but then when you think about how many days you've been here it seems fast. Quick thought...go to Alma 34:18-28. The Lord wants us to pray and ask for everything. But if we do not turn our focus towards helping others than like it says in 28, our prayers are in vain. Tell the fam this. Be looking for every opportunity to help others! Okay so I need more normal clothes, my red shorts and maybe some grey tee's and maybe that grey BYU shirt too. If you can send those asap that would be awesome. My P-Day is Thursday. Oh and I leave a week from tomorrow!! Woo!! Tell dad I say 'sup' and send love to Ty and Zoi. Elder Day and I appreciate the treats, so thank you!! I love you. But I love serving my Father in Heaven.

Elder Guzzo


Hi Family!

I'm leaving Monday, here's my flight plan. SLC- LAX/LAX-ME(Melbourne)/ME-PE(Perth) 29 hours of travel!! Elder Day says thank you for the bread and so do I. Thanks momma it was so yummy! On Thursday I am going to email you some pictures, will you print a few copies and send me copies? Okay, um I love you so much! I miss you. But I am so excited to get to Australia!! Oh and yes, my shirts came. Tell everyone I love them and thanks for the letters. THanks for the notes you put in all my stuff. I am wearing the grey pants you put that note in right now! haha. I know you already do, but pray for me and Andrew. Missionaries feel the blessings of everyone praying for them. You only have a few more days to send me packages so don't hold back! haha jsut kidding but not really. I love you!! Talk to you soon.

Elder Guzzo

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