The First letter has Arrived!!!

Every Missionary Mom just wants to hear that her son/daughter is happy... Thanks for making my day Elder Guzzo!! (We received all three letters today)



Well... first day down. It was long and it's only going to feel longer. But all the Elders say that you just have to make it to Sunday and it won't seem so bad anymore. I saw Drew right when I walked in! And a few times throughout the day, that was so fun! My companion is Elder Day. He is super cool. He played baseball for Snow Canyon in St. George. He said they won state, but yeah he is way chill. We have 6 guys sleeping in the smallest room ever. Getting ready for anything is a nightmare. But I am so happy to be here and ready to start teaching. I love you guys. My P-day is not this Thursday but the next. Love you guys!



Hi! Things are going good. I'm happy! The first full day here has been long. But the field will be nothing like in here. I can't wait to leave. The spirit is so strong here though it's awesome. Picture 300 elders singing Called to Serve. That happened at one of our devotionals yesterday, it was so crazy. Send me and Elder Day treats :) Most of the Australian Elders aren't getting Visa's... So I doubt I leave on time. I love you so much! I hope you and everyone are doing good!!

Love Ya!
Elder Guzzo




God is real, He answers prayers. 
Me and Elder Day were the only Elders in our entire district that got our visas! Oh and I was made zone leader today. When you trust and have faith in our Father in Heaven He blesses us. I can honestly say this has been the longest/best day of my entire life. I have already learned so much and by the 29th I will take on the mission field. I am so grateful for your thoughts and prayers. I know for a fact that you have been praying your heart out for me. I love you. Tell the family!

Elder Guzzo

(A few weeks ago, Jake heard that most of the Australia bound missionaries were being reassigned while awaiting their visa's. He thought that would be awful, so he asked us if we would fast with him for his visa. Ummm, yes!! We fasted a week before he went into the MTC)