Busy Week

been a hectic week over here! we had branch conference so the stake presidency came up with a bunch of other stake leaders and it was crazy.
Since I'm the branch clerk I had to go to all the meetings and all that good stuff. we went on rescue visits as well, and I went with one of president lindsays counselors in the mission presidency and of all the people we went to see, not a single one was home and it was a disaster haha! but he served a mission, so he understands how it goes.. then we had a branch valentines party after the visits which was fun! bro ferris from merriwa ward is in the high council so he came up with them and I got to see him. We talked about **** and **** and he said they are still solid and go to church every week! he said **** has a calling! I cant exactly remember what it is, but that's pretty great. 
this next week is going to be wild too. we have to get everything ready for ****** baptism and unlike normal wards we dont have a ward mission leader or a relief society to help us plan things.. so we'll be doing it all as usual. should be pretty great though! as of right now **** isnt going to be baptised this week, but who knows. shes 13 years old which is a tough age, all she wants to do is fight with her mom and do the opposite of what her mom wants her to do just because. its killing me. but I know..
the Argyles are going to take us to this place called kalbarri this week. its like an hour and half drive north of geraldton and its supposed to be so pretty! big diffs into the ocean and kangaroos and so we're pretty excited about that! I wish I had a pic to send you of the Argyles! they are seriously my favorite people. they remind me a lot of grandma and grandpa. they have been married for ages but they still laugh at eachother and love eachother so much! hahah but they really like elder eti and I and so we spend a lot of time with them. great people! and why I'm telling you this is because I know you and dad talk about it but you two have to serve a mission. HAVE to no option. whatever you need to start doing to get yourself ready, start doing it! senior couples have such a great impact. think about it, you and dad could be serving in some small town in who knows where, running this little branch. dads the branch president you're the relief society pres and you two make things happen there. if this branch didnt have the Argyles it would fall apart! I'm serious guys. You HAVE to.
Best- after a long branch conference of meetings and stress! the stake president came up to me and took me by the arm and said, you are doing an amazing job up here. I'll make sure president lindsay knows about all the hard work you are doing up here!!
Worst-definately when I was with one of the mission presidency on less active visits and no one was home... so bad.
Silliest-when I'm at the flat I put on those nike sandals cause our floors are gross.. any way the Argyles were coming to pick us up to go some where and I was all ready walked out, got in the car, we drove to our appointment and I look down to get out of the car and I'm still wearing the sandals.. ahahah all my church clothes with the sandals on! haha so funny
so its been a great week! busy and that makes the time fly. these past few weeks have been on fast forward I swear. this is the last week of the transfer! I don't think elder eti and I will be going any where but still! cant believe this transfer has come and gone. cant wait to hear all about the family this week. 
love you all.
-elder guzzo

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